welcome to wyld magick!
welcome to wyld magick!
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‘expectant: celebrating the journey from inside to earthside’

‘expectant: celebrating the journey from inside to earthside’

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you are growing. changing. learning.

waxing and waning like the ten glorious moons it takes to build a baby.

sometimes, the days are dark and neverending while other other days are so bright and bursting and quick that they seem to pass as easily as the wind. honor them all.

feel all the feelings, unapologetically. this is your time go to experience all that this journey has to offer.

write it down. all of it.

carve out time, even once a week, to use this journal and lean into this moment in time.

we never know what is to be expected in this human experience and sometimes, memories are all we have to honor it by.

this pregnancy journal includes:

  • 50+ pages of journaling prompts and illustrations
  • lgbtqia+ friendly/gender neutral
  • 4 pages of appointment tracking
  • 10+ pages of planning/organization


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