welcome to wyld magick!
welcome to wyld magick!
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ever since a psychedelic-induced vision showed me a brief glimpse of my future, i've been obsessed with all things magick. my favorite of which are primal experiences: birth, death, and all the, wonderfully trippy, DMT-bursting moments in between.

digital illustration

life is filled with moments so incredibly surreal, it could only be described as otherworldly. my personal art style/approach exists to make sense of what happens in both the physical and astral dimensions. regardless of who you are and your story, i'm happy to create art for you and yours.

empowering products

whether it's through making affirmation decks for birthing people and non birthing humans alike or creating clothing that reaffirms the intense energy we hold as conscious beings, i am to only create products that remind others of their own power and manifesting abilities.

wyld magick podcast

listen in as i chat with all kinds of humans about the things they love, the things they hate, and the things they find most magickal about being alive.

 it's about being born and about dying and about all the infinitely, wonderfully wyld things in betwee.


"do you know what the chances are of you becoming...well, you? 1 in 10 to the power of 2,685,000. that's 10 with 2,685,000 zeroes after it. and honestly, i've never heard of anything more beautiful, more miraculous, than that."

wyld magick podcast